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Queens County Staff

Executive Director

Devon Broome

Email: Devon@ResourceAbilities.ca
Phone: 902-892-9149 Ext: 225

Office Administrator

Valerie Cole

Phone: 902-892-9149 Ext: 221

Community Development Worker

Kerry Duggan

Email: Kerry@ResourceAbilities.ca
Phone: 902-892-9149 EXT:224

Community Access Worker

Amerah Rahman

Email: Amerah@ResourceAbilities.ca
Phone: 902-892-9149 Ext: 222

Employment Services Manager

Mark Cameron

Email: Mark@ResourceAbilities.ca
Phone: 902-892-9149 Ext: 226

Abilities@Work Program Manager

Geri Costello

Email: Geri@ResourceAbilities.ca
Phone: 902-892-9149 Ext: 234

Employment Specialist

Chloe Trevors

Email: Employment@ResourceAbilities.ca
Phone: 902-892-9149 EXT: 233

Employment Specialist

Brianna O'Connor

Phone: 902-892-9149 ext. 231

Diversity Training Coordinator

Khousmita Gopaul

Email: Khousmita@ResourceAbilities.ca
Phone: 902-892-9149

Summer Tutoring Program


Phone: 902-892-9149 Ext: 228

Employment Development Coordinator

Shelley Harvey

Phone: 902-892-9149 Ext: 235

Prince County Staff

Community Access Worker

Erin McDonald

Email: Summerside@ResourceAbilities.ca
Phone: 902-436-1296

Employment Specialist

Darryl Gauthier

Email: Darryl@ResourceAbilities.ca
Phone: 902-436-9259

Kings County Staff

Community Access Worker

Teresa MacKinnon

Email: Teresa@ResourceAbilities.ca
Phone: 902-838-5879

Employment Specialist

Canda MacNeill

Email: Canda@ResourceAbilities.ca
Phone: 902-838-5878

Services & Benefits

Equality & opportunities for all Islanders

ResourceAbilities is dedicated to promoting the full participation and inclusion of people with disabilities in Island society.


A comprehensive program that assists job seekers with disabilities and employers.

Snoezelon Room

A multi-sensory environment providing stimulation and relaxation.