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Board of Directors

Our Board is elected every year by our members at our Annual General Meeting. One-third of the Board is elected each year for a three-year term. Most of the Board members (at least nine of the sixteen) must be a person living with a disability.

The Executive Committee

Jeff Matheson, President

Ann Ramsay, 1st Vice-President

Donna MacLeod, 2nd Vice-President

Tony Dolan, Treasurer

Anne Christoper Secretary

Sean Seviour, Legal & Constitutional Affairs Advisor

Members of the Board

Tony Arbing

Charlene McInnis

Jeremy MacDonald

Mary Ellen Callaghan

Kathy Tweel

Services & Benefits

Equality & opportunities for all Islanders

ResourceAbilities is dedicated to promoting the full participation and inclusion of people with disabilities in Island society.


A comprehensive program that assists job seekers with disabilities and employers.

Snoezelon Room

A multi-sensory environment providing stimulation and relaxation.