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Community Access Workers also assist Islanders living with disabilities to access supports and services from the Provincial Government.

Some examples include, but are not limited to:

AccessAbility Supports Program

Income Support Program

Home Renovation Program

PEI Affordable Housing Program

IRAC Appeals

Home Heating Assistance Program

Community Access Workers assist Islanders living with disabilities, and help navigate any provincial government system. Workers are familiar with the process, and assist with completing applications, providing advice and support, and advocating on behalf of persons with a disability. This service is designed to be flexible so that staff can respond to the individual needs of each client.

Advocacy is an essential part of how all staff work at ResourceAbilities, and Community Access Workers can assist with your unique advocacy needs.


Provincial Benefit Assistance

ResourceAbilities has Community Access Workers in all three counties. Community Access Workers provide client-centered services and are effective navigators in accessing supports and services from the Provincial Government.

Prince County Assistance

For federal assistance in the Prince County area, please email Chantel Arsenault at Chantel@ResourceAbilities.ca or call 902-436-9259

Queens County Assistance

For employment in the Queens County area, please email Kerry Duggan at Kerry@ResourceAbilities.ca or call 902-892-9149 Ext: 224

Kings County Assistance

For employment in the Kings County area, please email Teresa MacKinnon Teresa@ResourceAbilities.ca or call 902-838-5878